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sandra sedmak engel


​​A  Maryland native, Sandra has lived in Baltimore, Md for the last 19 years.  She holds a BFA with honors from the University of Maryland, and is very involved in many local arts organizations. While serving on the board of School 33 Arts Center as the Artists Representative, she was an integral part of initiating the Member's Gallery.  She is an honorary member of The Creative Alliance in Baltimore, and currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of The Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Show in Philadelphia, Pa.


Sandra is currently teaching encaustic painting workshops at both art centers, as well as in studio.

"Until a few years ago, I considered myself primarily an oil painter-a large degree of my work is figurative, but also branches out into abstract landscapes.  Then I discovered my new love-encaustic painting-creating images with melted beeswax and pigment on wooden panels.  The process is so tactile and physical that I find it incredibly satisfying.  The images take on a translucent, dreamy quality I've never been able to achieve with other mediums.

It is difficult for me to envision my work as separate from myself.  It is an extension of who I am-a way to express the fascination I feel with line, color, and the human form. The process enlivens me, the results are calming and mystifying.  Being able to share this with others is a gift I often find disconcerting....there’s an uneven balance between the joy of finding someone who wants to share their space with my art, and a selfish desire to keep it close to me.  How does one explain why any artist feels compelled to create?  It’s just what I do to feel complete."



Bruce Museum Fine Arts Show, Greenwich, Ct.

2nd Place, 2018

3rd Place, 2017


Crozet Fine Arts Festival 2014, Crozet, Va.

3rd place, 2014


Festival of Colors, Atlanta, GA.

Best in Show, 2013

Festival of Colors, Atlanta, GA.

2nd Place, 2012


Waynesboro Fine Art Show, Waynesboro, Va

2nd Place Best in Show, 2012


Catonsville Fine Art Festival, Catonsville, Md.

3rd Place, 2011



09/2019: "Better with Friends"

Grand Opening Exhibition

Teresa Haag Gallery

Phoenixville, Md,

12/2019: "Unwrap an Original"

Teresa Haag Gallery

Phoenixville, Md,


05/2017: "Private Moments"

Solo Show, Waverly Street Gallery

Bethesda, Md,

03/2016: “Skin"

Solo Show, Gallery 1448

Baltimore, Md


03/2012: “Wax Works"

Solo Show, Gallery 1448

Baltimore, Md

12/2007: "Recent Works"

Solo Show, The Broom Factory

Baltimore, Md

09/2006: "Progression", solo show, Amalie Rothschild Gallery

Baltimore, Md


04/2009: "Wax Actual"

Creative Alliance, Baltimore, Md

12/2004: "Off the Clock"

Smith Content, Baltimore, Md

04/2004: "Divas and Damsels"

Solo Show, Sascha's 527, Baltimore, Md

2004-2008: Drawings, Craig Flinner Gallery, Baltimore, Md

2014-2106: Blank Canvas Gallery, New Hope, Pa.



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