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Let me help you see your beautiful.

I paint unapologetic women. Unapologetically.

Without Compromise.  Because we all deserve to shine.

Art was a means of communicating without speaking when I was young and painfully shy.

Figurative elements have always found their way into my work, regardless of the subject matter.

Maybe it's because for so long I struggled with body image. I was always too tall, too skinny, too fat.

I finally figured out that I don't have to play by the rules, that I don't have to listen to what is

whispered in the ears of women everywhere.

I discovered that I am amazing. I discovered I like myself.  Who knew?


Capturing the twist of a hip, the lovely line of a neck, frees me. My figures are real and truthful.  Curves are celebrated.  I paint moments, hoping the viewer embraces the beauty we all feel inside.


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