Art was a means of communicating without speaking when I was young and painfully shy. Figurative elements have always found their way into my work, regardless of subject matter. I want the viewer to see how the lines and energy I use relate to humanity. How we are all connected through life’s cycle. 


I choose to paint with encaustics – painting with layer upon pigmented layer of beeswax. The physicality of the process – carving, scraping, burning into the wax – allows me to release the energy inside of me, incorporating light and depth into my work.  Digging deep into the wax mimics my intent to dig deep within a person to show who they really are. 


I often paint Rubanesque women. Capturing the twist of a hip, the lovely line of a neck, frees me. My figures are real and truthful.  Curves are celebrated.  I paint moments, hoping the viewer embraces the beauty we all feel inside.



-sandra sedmak engel

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