This year has been tough.  Here's a mini collection of encaustics that I was creating to exhibit at my spring & summer 2020 shows-unframed, ready to hang, on 3/4" panels, as opposed to my usual 1.5" depth - an accessible collection of original pieces to share with new or existing collectors.  Due to the state of the world, the majority of these shows have been cancelled or postponed, leaving many artists, like many of you, wondering about our futures.


 To force myself out of a creative block, I promised to finish one of these pieces everyday. I'm calling this collection "Restless Nights"-maybe it will reflect the tossing and turning we've all been experiencing, maybe it will just be good line, maybe it will be terrible, or maybe it will just keep me motivated to get into the studio every single day.


 I'm offering these for the next few weeks for $150.00, including shipping in the continental US.  Support the arts people.  If not me, then find another local artist, show them some love, enhance your world with something beautiful.  Looking for a commission?  Looking for a beautiful landscape, or a modern sculpture?  I'll hook you up with artists in my circle, if my work is not your particular cup of tea.

Be kind, be compassionate, take care of each other.  As always, thank you for helping me live my dream - Sandy

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