40" x 30" encaustic on birch panel, in a black floater frame

Frame dimensions: 41.5" x 31.5"

"Last Light"

  • A few years ago, I did a whole series of "party pieces". They followed a lovely woman, getting ready to go out in the world, all dressed up. But this series reflected a different side of her social world. It was about introspection, the need to get away for a bit and regroup, about how sometimes our insides don't match our outsides. It's about the need for alone time and quiet, even when the world thinks we're on top. It reflects my love of the Impressionist movement, and offers a peak into me - I was the super shy kid, who panicked thinking about having to make a new friend (Some of you who know me today may be thinking...WHAT??? I've moved past most of that shyness, but it's still in there) "Last Light" is the final piece of this series, and the only one still available. ⁠