12" x 24"" encaustic on birch panel, in a black floater frame

Frame dimensions: 13.5" x 25.5"

Dreamgirl lll

  • "Dreamgirl lll" is about repose, relaxation, restoration. She is taking time to rejuvenate. And happens to look lovely at the same time. This encaustic piece (painting with beeswax, for those of you new here!) has the original charcoal and conte drawing embedded in the wax-I've left areas transparent so you can actually see and connect with the energy of the sketch, giving the piece added depth.⁠

Art was a means of communicating without speaking when I was young and painfully shy. Figurative elements have always found their way into my work, regardless of subject matter. I want the viewer to see how the lines and energy I use relate to humanity. How we are all connected through life’s cycle. 

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