Encaustic paintings

I work in encaustics-a dimensional, sculptural art form. The process of blending pigment into molten beeswax, then fusing it onto wooden panels creates sensual depth & texture. I embed found objects into my pieces-petals, branches, scraps of thread or ribbon, occasionally on old sketch. I love the idea of incorporating my everyday world into a beautiful sealed fusion of depth & luminosity. I also love to switch from figurative work to scenes from nature-I find the line & form so interchangeable and enjoy the interplay of incorporating a similar feel to completely different subject matter. I feel it keeps my work fresh, as I'm constantly learning. The finished pieces almost glow because of the layers of refracted light. They smell wonderful, & tend to draw the viewer in to discover more. It's difficult for me to envision my work as separate from myself. It is an extension of who I am. The process enlivens me, the results calm & mystify me. Being able to share this w/ others is a gift I often find disconcerting-an uneven balance between the joy of finding someone who wants to share their space w/ my creations, & a selfish desire to keep them to myself.

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